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Internal Power

Living life from the essence of who we are creates a life experience infused with internal power. Power that comes from focusing on our talents, having a meaningful purpose to our life and making confident choices that are in integrity with the life we really want to live.

Nick Barnett

Change Agent

I am an ICF certified life coach whose mission is to inspire the millennial generation to evolve from the 'should life' and create meaningful lives. Evolving is about fundamental change and I will challenge you to take ever greater responsibility for your life experience, empower yourself to new action and support you every step of the way.

Feeling the pressure? Here’s how to release…

Life comes with pressure. We only have a limited time here in this body so, on a physical level, pressure is one of life’s defining characteristics. Goals also create pressure.  They are things we want to do and achieve in our life that are not currently part of our experience. This gap creates a pressure […]

Trump Is Perfect

There’s been a lot of resistance in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory – many young people have taken to the streets in America and come out on college campuses protesting against the democratically-elected President-elect. ‘Not our president’ –  there is a strong feeling in this demographic that this shouldn’t have happened. Yet… Everything […]

Creating Success

Success is built on a good foundation. To reach the top of a mountain you need to have invested time in being physically fit, created a plan to get to the top, cultivated self-belief through action and committed the necessary resources. It is not something that just happens, a foundation is created from which success […]


It's easy to get caught up in "I should do this" and "I can't do that because of x, y and z" but Nick was instrumental in helping me assess what's actually important to me while I was making some pretty big life decisions. He challenged me to create new solutions to problems and helped me guide myself towards the path of living authentically.

Ellis Bahl, Film Director, Los Angeles

I had a different idea of what life coaching was about before I started working with Nick. I thought that achieving my goals was going to be a hard and strenuous process. However, with the help of my coach, I have come to realize that anything is possible. You just need to give yourself the opportunity, support and time to change.

Mary Moroney, Teacher, Madrid

Nick has an extraordinary ability to capture the meaning behind what you are saying. His insight and curiosity tempered with a lightness that makes the most serious topics seem less so make his coaching a lively exploration filled with fun moments and deep understanding. Be ready to take leaps toward new horizons through stronger challenges and a new inner knowledge of yourself.

Lauren Graham, Residence Manager, Los Angeles

Benefits of working with Internal Power Coaching

Strong personal foundation: constructed from your authentic self.

Clarity: We create an inspiring vision for your life.

Emotional intelligence: coaching will expand your awareness of what drives you.

Neuroscience – evolve through applying techniques in harmony with the latest in brain science

'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing'

- Helen Keller